Hi, I’m Deronte

Yep, that’s my real name,

I’m not a football player… Well not anymore.

I use years of creative writing, filmmaking, sales training, & overall unique experience of being African American to win businesses.

I use years of creative writing, filmmaking, sales training, and the overall unique experience of being African American in America to position businesses to win.

People come to me for my ability to see and shape their vision and bring it to fruition. I cultivate great experiences for my clients and I work diligently to foster an environment where everyone can succeed. Deronte Smith

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Father, Filmmaker, Author, Speaker, Mentor & Storyteller

Welcome to my digital stage and portfolio website. I am a Creative Director for Infinity Global Media Group which develops properties for streaming platforms, gaming companies, publishing and animation. I source some of the best talent from around the globe to turn ideas into projects with creative flair to get noticed in a world full of noise. I am a storyteller at heart; I can spice up literally anything with a few well placed words. 

And I find it rewarding to collaborate with other creative minds, and fresh young talent while fostering their talents along the way. It’s my way of paying it forward. I also practice mindfulness and meditation daily so I am very intentional about what I do. And I believe honest is the best policy.  


Devoted Dad

Devoted Father

Former Football Guy

Filmmaker Extraordinaire




Creative Writing 


Film/Video Production


Creative Direction & Consulting


Professional Speaking


Helping Creative Minds Find their Voice

The crisis of the film industry has taught us that we all want to get back to normal but what is normal these days? Is it social distancing inside a movie theater? Is it hanging with our friends in their backyard? Whatever the case may be, my job is to help storytellers find their voice.

As a Creative Director in the film and television medium my skill set is expensive and unique in that I often have to wear multiple hats. From writing, to editing, to producing, or directing, I jump in where I am needed. What matters most is to get the job done and do it well, which is why I partner with amazing account managers, strategists, designers, writers, storytellers, producers, editors, directors of photography, and lighting engineers in the Atlanta area and beyond.




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